This product is designed to assist the user in launching and recovery of a vessel on to an appropriately designed drive on trailer.

I can not control the quality or effectiveness of customers trailer and vessel compatibility and as such deny any responsibility for their compatibility and/or effectiveness in relation to problems that may be encountered by drive on/ drive off activities.

I can not control the quality or effectiveness of customers trailer and vessel compatibility and as such deny any responsibility for their compatibility and/or effectiveness in relation to problems that may be encountered by drive on/ drive off activities.

My product is NOT a safety device. It is purely a potential aid and should not be relied on without appropriate safety precautions.

The general product has been tested to destruction and tested for durability. These tests are related to the ratings of trailer winches up to around 900kg. Most being 750 to 800kg. My general product was able to withstand double that rating. This means that my product gave way at a rating well above that of the only component relied upon if my device is not in use.

In situations where the vessel size is of the extreme for a “Drive on trailer vessel combination”, I will endeavor to provide a product which should match the given ratings of the trailer winch.

Unavoidable is the unpredictable nature of weather, waves, wash from other vessels, driver error, accident etc. If this aid was not present one would have a less chance of launching or recovering the vessel safely as long as the user has complimented the given circumstances with appropriate safety measures. Suggestions; Ask a bystander to keep you alert of the operation of the “hook on the red thing under the bow”, Have a rope handy just in case, remember your previous procedures that you used prior to fitting my device and keep them as a back up.

If you drive on too fast and hard you may ride up and over the stopper on the trailer. Regardless of the fitting of my device, this would place excess strain on the mating components and is likely to cause damage. (That damage may affect things such as your winch post, winch, stopper, tow hook etc) If it were to happen with my device fitted it may result in unseen damage to the device such as fractures. If you were to experience such an event it would be recommended to have the device “crack tested” or replace it. The same applies to other unpredictable encounters with solid objects such as jetties or other vessels. Excessive reverse thrust on engine may also cause premature failure. Please do not use this device to test your engines in forward or reverse thrust. If you want to do this have chain and winch attached causing no strain on the “recoverezy” device. Added restraints would also be highly recommended.

Personal safety warning; while it is obvious that contact with any part of a vessel and a person or other object is dangerous I must stress that this product increases this risk but not above the risk of many other components of a marine vessel which one may come in to contact with. Please be sure that you are aware of possible dangers while you are in control and ensure that anyone who may operate your vessel is fully aware of these recommendations.

A simple label is attached to the “sling” and should remain there. It is your responsibility to ensure that it remains there and remains legible. You may post your old label for a free replacement.

As with all components of a vessel which you are in control of, it is your responsibility to ensure correct operation as well as safety precautions. Please ensure that you remember to regularly check the serviceability of your “recoverezy” device. If it appears damaged or unserviceable then it is your responsibility no to us it. Most important of all comes about from my observations. A vessel on a trailer must be securely tied down whilst under tow. This means more than just hooking the safety chain to the tow hook. If you are uncertain of this please seek advice from your vessel supplier. If for example you don’t have rear tie downs and you brake suddenly, it is likely you will have a boat on the roof of your car. This is an extreme but it does happen. Do not rely on the modified “recoverezy” tow hook as a sole tie down point.

Regardless of the attachment of a “recoverezy”device, any vessel which is on trailer under tow must be securely tied down to prevent unexpected release. Laugh you may but I have seen more than one boat on a ramp with trailer not underneath it. This is more predominant with a first time boat owner. If you are a first boat owner and have had my device fitted, ensure you are aware of how to handle launch and recovery without relying on my device.

Once again I stress the unpredictable such as a following sea, swell, waves caused by other vessels or anything that may cause interference to your actions that are not in your direct control. Just make sure you allow for it.

To sum it up; Enjoy your boating. Realize that each time my device makes your life easier it is a bonus point. In the case where it does not assist you, then it would be as if you did not have it. I assure you that the bonus points will well override the failures. Should this not be the result I ask that you please contact me to go over the use, fitting, measurements, and any other variables which may not have been reasonably predicted. After all, product development relies on customer feedback.

NOTE - There are many variables and some are extreme. Just be patient if you encounter a ramp with an extreme angle, bad weather, extreme tides, cross currents or anything else which would normally cause concern.

Repeated Warning - Do not use the device as a sole connection if you are intending to move your towing vehicle. Most likely is if you are in the boat and the engine won’t start, you go back to the car annoyed and drive up the ramp to get out of everyone’s way. You forgot to tie down your vessel. “Recoverezy” device is not a sole tie down point. You may have forgotten to connect your safety chain and winch cable.

So as they always say, “they made me do it”. Well there is good reason for this. Most consumers accept their responsibilities but some feel that they were not correctly advised. I hope that my product disclaimer has allowed you to understand you responsibilities and I hope your have enjoyable use of the product. If you have any concerns I ask that you contact your supplier or preferably me to clarify any concerns.

Phone me on 0414750414