Fitting the “Recover-EZY”  Device components.


“U” bolt for timber and fiberglass hull vessels.


Remove existing “U” bolt. If the “Recover-EZY” modified “U” bolt matches size then install it using a sealing compound and nuts with washers. The “Hook” should face down.


“P” plate for Aluminum hull vessels.


Clamp “P” plate to existing tow point on boat using the side which is offset. (Hook point facing down. Mark and drill 2 holes. I recommend 8 to 10 mm Stainless steel bolts with nylock nuts.(NOT SUPPLIED). Note; The holes on the existing tow point are often not round. Ensure you drill at the leading (front) part of the holes to prevent possible forward movement of the plate. I recommend using “Duralac” or similar compound to coat the mating surfaces to avoid corrosion.





Using clamps place the swaged eye of the sling on one side of the winch post just below the stop rubber (or roller). Centre of eye should be at centre of winch post.


Run sling in a semi-circle to the other side of the winch post. Keep it horizontal --------.

Sling should just touch hull at bottom of “U” bolt. Ensure that the sling clears the bottom of the hook on the “U” bolt by about 50 to 100 mm. If it does not then return sling for a longer replacement. Drill a 12mm hole in both sides of the winch post. Attach swaged eye’s on each outer side of winch post using bolts supplied. Apply some cold gal paint to avoid corrosion.


Please check the photo’s on the web site to assist you understand how it should look. If your particular trailer set up is different and you are uncertain as to where to attach the device, please email a clear photograph This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with allowance to publish this on the web site to assist future users.



Now test it’s performance. With boat on trailer on level surface attached to vehicle, attach a short rope to the winch post and the boat deck bollard to prevent the boat slipping off the trailer. Loosen off the winch cable and push boat back a few inches, then winch forward as if the boat were under power. The backward move should be stopped by the sling and hook. To simulate launching place a weight (like safety chain “D” shackle on the sling near it’s centre point. Move boat forward gently, the weight should cause the sling to drop enough to clear hook. Place in reverse gently and depart. Ensure when parking trailer you remove the weight from the sling. (If weight is not enough add an extra “D” shackle. Instead of weight, for added safety try using a rope looped over the sling and under trailer, taking both ends back to driving position. Use same rope to tie up to jetty.